Scaling to Exit Program

S2E Program

Baby Boomer business owners that are planning on funding their retirement from the sale of their company have less than a 20% chance of experiencing success with that strategy.

The S2E Program is designed to change all of that.

We understand that Baby Boomer business owners need to bring more money to the bottom line. As a result, the S2E Program is easy, effective and economical. It works; it is limited only to the work that has to be done, and it is affordable for SMBs.

The core of the S2E program is the development of six executable plans that manufacture three years of growth, profitability and attractiveness:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Plans
  • Operations Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Management Plan

The Scaling to Exit Principals, along with our fractional C-Suite resources, help our clients develop and execute plans, deliver instructionally sound training and provide bi-weekly project management support and accountability.

The result – we make your company more attractive, improve your cash flow, and double your valuation so that we get you more money at exit.