Fractional C-Suite

A misstep in the selection of a C-level support resource can be disastrous. Yet most SMB owners have neither the time nor the expertise to properly source, interview, select and engage a C-level support resource.

We have vetted resources so we turn this weakness into a strength for our clients. We deliver capable and experienced resources that are –

  • Available on a just-in-time basis
  • Cost effective
  • Require minimal orientation
  • Minimal performance risk
  • Able to deliver value faster

Better Exit Solutions App

The Game Changer…

A platform that substantially increases the attractiveness of a client company so that they may gain the attention of potential buyers and the most capable intermediaries (Business Brokers, Investment Banker, Attorneys, etc.). The platform addresses three critical elements:

  1. Significantly reduces the time exposure in a sell transaction because time kills deals
  2. Presents a company in its best light to potential intermediaries and buyers
  3. Provides an easy, effective, economical framework for preparing a company for sale

Features & Benefits:

  • Cloud-based
  • Cyber-secure (MicroSoft Azure platform)
  • Easy to use
  • Increased visibility of your firm to potential buyers
  • Reduction in time to sell
  • Increased valuation